• UV Glass

HQRP Clear Tint UV Protective Safety Glasses/Goggles for Lab Chemistry courses

Science class in School High School College Laboratory + HQRP UV Meter

Product description

These lightweight safety glasses provide protection against moderate impact hazards and 99.9% of UV rays. The glasses are specially designed to provide the most protection. The wide panorama lens offers optimum protection from flying pieces of debris, sand, dirt, dust and assorted fragments. Untinted lenses are perfect for low-light environments or when you need unobstructed vision to get the job done. Perfect for protecting your eyes during carpentry, construction, labwork, yard work, etc. Great For Power Tool Work, Sawing/Drilling Metal Or Wood, Hammering & Overhead Work. Very nice glasses for protecting your eyes at shooting ranges. Use these glasses for eye protection from the wind when riding, cycling, biking, running.

HQRP UV Meter: This meter shows you the level of UV and helps you protect your eyes and skin from negative sunlight effect. The color of the meter changes from very light purple to dark purple depending on the intensity of the UV lighting. The darker the purple color is, the more intense is the UV lighting.

UV Glass

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