• Microfuge/Vortex (Nedayefan)میکروفیوژ ورتکس

Microfuge/Vortex (Nedayefan) میکروفیوژ ورتکس

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  • In DNA & RNA Extraction steps
  • Ideal for low speed applications including microfiltration

  • Ideal for quick spins
  • Mixing of solutions in different microtubes.
  • For samples requiring sub ambient temperatures, the unit may be used in a cold room.


The rotor part are made of an aluminum alloy and has different holes sizes for 1.5, 0.5 & 0.2 ml micro tubes.

Independent bottoms for main short spin and speed selector is incorporated. The units are strongly constructed and have

safety micro switch to ensure workers that the microfuget will not be active when the door is open.

Grant products are guaranteed for one year against faulty materials and workmanship.




1-Check that proper fuse is inserted on the back panel.

2-Place the tubes in proper hole size and aware for balance tubes.

3-Close the microfuge door.

4- Select desired speed by the related selector or

5-Push the short spin bottom for rapid spin of samples






Maximum RCF

3000 x g


2800 rpm

Capacity for

36 microtubes

12 x 1.5 ml / 2.0ml
12 x 0.5 ml
12 x 0.2 ml



Supply voltage

230 (50-60Hz)

Overall dimensions



thermal fuse

Microfuge/Vortex (Nedayefan)میکروفیوژ ورتکس

  • کد محصول: NF-005